Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lightin’ It Up to Treat Autism

In the “It's funny, because it's true” Category, I was made aware of this. It seems that the book “Recovering Autistic Children”, edited by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. and Bernard Rimland lets us know about “up-to-the-minute information from ARI's acclaimed Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Project”. And is complete with information on “new sections including Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT); clinical use of Methyl B12; Specific Carbohydrate Diet; Low-Dose Naltrexone; Chelation; Medical Marijuana to control aggression; and much more!”

Oh man, who is going to say it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's gonna say what? Bollocks?

Me. I will.

It's bollocks!

David N. Andrews MEd (Dec 2006)
Applied Educational Psychologist
Kotka, Finland

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noooo waaaay dude. I am sooo not social after partoking of the chronic. Where's my car?

11:13 AM  
Anonymous mike stanton said...

Can you get regressive autism at 53? If so where is the list of DAN! dealers? I want a spliff and some gluten free munchies. Cure me now!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Kassiane said...

I regress on a regular basis.

Where's mine? We could make gluten free brownies. Hit 2 birds with one stone or something.

12:58 PM  
Blogger notmercury said...

My DAN! Doctor prescribed DMPS, ALA, THC drops, Cranio Sacral Hemp Oil, Allman Brothers Listening Therapy, Homeopathic Oxygenated Bhang H2O, Floor Time with Jorma, GFCF EZ-Widers, Lava Lamp near Infrared Sauna, and a bag of chips

1:04 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Dang! I thought my kid was playing Nintendo in there. No more trips to Bernie (Dr. Feel Good) Rimland for him!

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a far-out infrared sauna, NM. But wait a minute, is the medical maryjane for the parents' aggression or the kids'? Do the parents get in the toy HBOT balloon and light up? Whoa, dude. Hope not. Hemp oil is a good source of Omega 3's isn't it? That must be the explanation for medical marijuana's efficacy...

Any bets on who ends up in jail for selling it first? Bernie? Neubrander? Buttar? Pat pat?

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord, I was born a ramblin man,

Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can.

And when its time for leavin,
I hope youll understand,

That I was born a ramblin man.

. . .

Actually, I think ABLT (Allman Bros Listening Therapy) may not be a bad idea at all. Thanks NM!

3:14 PM  
Blogger Bartholomew Cubbins said...

what about smoking mother nature in a HBOT balloon?

4:40 PM  
Blogger Kassiane said...

That sounds like Darwin in action.

'Course, if some of these parents did to themselves what they want to do to their kids, it'd ALSO be Darwin in action.

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about mashed potato with powdered cannabis resin in them, and shallow fried, served up with sausage and bacon and eggs... sort of Hash browns?

I'll get me coat :/

David N. Andrews MEd (Dec 2006)
Applied Educational Psychologist
Kotka, Finland

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Bernie Rastaman said...

What about Cocaine? Then we'd know DAN! is all smoke and mirrors

9:01 AM  
Anonymous mary jane said...

This may be the first treatment to come out of the DAN! that is not half-baked; it's wholly baked.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1978 I worked with an autistic man who was the most severe self-injurious, violence toward others, super strength, bizarre tantrums, vocalizations that were quite frightening. We had 9 live-in tutor/companions and when he would tantrum and the alarm rang, 5-7 of us would rush his room that was completely padded and get him into his restraint room. 6 point leather restraints on a bolted down mattress.We all would be cut, bit, clothes shredded, etc... His parents were very wealthy and paid us $9 an hour plus room and board,plus use of 2 Volvos in 1978!
We actually would take him out on 1 to 1 trips into the community around Cambridge, Mass. Almost always the trips were cut short and we would be escorted home by police, {who all knew him}
One day I lit up a joint of weed while walking in the woods near Walden Pond. He made it VERY evident that he wanted to partake and by his motions and noises I realized this was far from his 1st time. So I handed it to him and he happily puffed away.
He never had a tantrum with me again. All the other companions were coming home with horror stories, but I always returned with tales of a calm walk in the nature filled area of Walden Pond. His mom thought I was a gift from God and of course I could not reveal my secret....
Dr. Rimland has proven I was right. Pot works. Plain and simple.
I think FC is a crock,by the way. I do not jump on bandwagons or go along with the "cures" de jour.
Toke up or eat give pot brownies to your autistic sons and daughters. It will change their quality of life more so than Risperdal, which I consider to be the best of the legal, prescribed drugs for autism. I have stayed in the field for 30 years and will continue to until God takes me.

4:22 PM  

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