Monday, September 11, 2006

Skeptico Nails It on the Head

Skeptico just posted an awesome takedown of an argument which incorrectly tried to claim that their opponents use logical fallacies to justify their claims. It is good to see what logical fallacies don't look like sometimes, and Skep does a great job breaking this apart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Not related at all to the topic, but this was the least inappropriate place I could find to have some good news for you: I got through the MEd. Formal admission to the degree in December this year.

How's the PhD work going?

Best regards,

(MEd YAY!)

3:14 AM  
Blogger Interverbal said...

Awesome David! That is good news. So you are degreed and educated but what are your future plans now?

I am only in my second year of my Masters program. I don't even propose my thesis idea until this summer and won't defende until the summer after. I decided to try to get some more pratical experience by getting my teaching permit, but it is adding time to my program. The advantage is, if I stay where I currently go to school it will cut down on the time it takes to get through my docterate.

Anyway, congrats David, that truly is the best news I have heard all week.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jonathan! :)

Well, formal admission to the MEd is in Dec, but I can start using the skills and looking for work. There's a book option available, as in writing one... could negotiate an advance for that, and live on that for a while. I have also the possibility to do a work-trial at the adult-ed college I teach in... doing practitioner research into specific learning and developmental difficulties and how those difficulties have been ameliorated (or not), and use that research to plan a PhD project (provided I can find funding).

Looks like you'd be doing yourself a favour keeping your place at your current school; teacher status is a good thing to have, absolutely, and if you can get it on the way to getting the doctorate... excellent... especially since it cuts down your 'residence' requirement there where you are now.

Glad to have brought you some good news... JBJr and his lot are a weird bunch. you think that you may have got communication going and then that one stabs you in the back. As the Scottish saying goes: "Sh'z mair faces 'n Wishay toun clock!" :P



10:56 AM  

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