Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another Look at Soden et al.

I covered Soden et al. a few days ago.
After carefuly thinking about the study I have some further comments and descriptions.


-15 chidlren with AD were included and 4 typically developing children.
-Aged 3-7, mean age of 4.62
-Past chelation experience was not permitted
-Only children diagnosed with Autistic Disorder were included
-Diagnosis was confirmed using standardized assesments and direct observation.

Study Limitations

-Only 24 hours were used, some have theroized that 72 might be needed for various reasons in chidlren with autism
-No treatment integrity data were taken on parent adherence to the procedure.
-Study can not rule out chelation as a useful treatment for autism, for reasons other than removing heavy metals


-Confidence interval was 0-22%, so a larger sample of autistic children was unlikely to change the result
-Statistical analysis was appropriate and adequate, however a MANOVA statistical design may have provided additional data.


This study was completely funded from a Bridege Grant from
Cure Autism Now