Monday, November 27, 2006

Shall I compare thee to a norm referenced score?

Shall I compare thee to a norm referenced score?
Thou might just be two deviations from the mean.
Rough charting makes it hard to know for sure.
And lack of data may create a lean.

Sometimes, too great the fallacy exists.
And often is the reasoning post hoc.
And in irrationality the issue mists.
By natures design we are fetter’d; such is thy lot.

But by this, thy reasoning, good data shall not fade.
Nor lose possession of great virtue, epistemological.
Nor shall any reliable measure be un-made.

When under scrutiny most logical.

So long as logicians syllogize, and parents sigh.
So, long as we push, and continue to try.


Blogger mcewen said...

Courage mon brave!
And Cheers

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Camille said...

"By natures design we are fetter’d; such is thy lot, tot."

I pictured you reciting this to a toddler. :-)

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Bonnie Ventura said...

Bwahaha! Love it!

I once turned that sonnet into an ode to Captain Kirk's ripped shirt (on a dare from a woman who is a big fan of William Shatner) but you've outdone me by using "epistemological" as a line. Hee hee.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Michelle Dawson said...

One of the people I work with studied epistemology for five years. I think I can almost pronounce "epistemological" by now (when I'm well-rested). And put it in a sentence in almost the right place. But a sonnet?

3:27 PM  
Blogger Interverbal said...

Oh man Bonnie. That was the coolest thing I have read all evening. It pretty much made my night.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Alyric said...

And the footnote should read -'With apologies to the Bard' n'est ce pas?

It's beautiful really:)

9:26 PM  
Blogger MothersVox said...

Interverbal, thank you, you have made my day as I navigate through test scores and neuropsych reports and all manner of diagnostic ambiguity.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Bonnie Ventura said...

Thanks much! :)

6:53 AM  
Anonymous mike stanton said...


6:14 PM  

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