Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello and Goodbye

I am happy to say this is Interverbal’s (the blog’s) 6th birthday. I am sad to say this will be the last post on Interverbal. When I created Interverbal, I was an undergraduate just about to head out to grad school. I did most of my best work on this blog during my first year or so as a grad student. I was younger, feistier, and very much believed in doing science advocacy in an aggressive manner. I spent most of my time working on anti-quackery as it pertained to autism.
I have found that over time, my attitude has gentled. I became more patient with mistakes and disagreements. My interest in constantly debunking anti-quackery also waned.  It is clearly time to try something different. I am placing Interverbal into retirement, but will leave it up as a resource, as I feel there is some good work here.

On the other hand I am pleased to announce my new blogWhich will focus on teaching children with autism.