Monday, October 15, 2007

Goodbye LB/RB

Kev is closing his excellent blog Left Brain/ Right Brain. This is a blow, because not only was LB/RB an interesting and very readable blog, but it was by far the most popular autism blog. The really sad part however is why it is closing. An individual named John Best runs a blog called “Hating Autism” (I refuse to link to it). He has over the course of the last several days written several articles from the imagined pro- quackery viewpoint of Kev’s autistic daughter.

The health of one’s children is obviously an extremely important and emotive issue. Some folks, put great stock or faith is questionable theories like the vaccine etiology of autism or quacky therapies like HBOT. Pointing out that these may not be good things, even when done to the nth degree of politeness does not always go over well. Ask any autism science blogger and they will tell you that sometimes people can’t separate the issue from their personhood. These people get mean, they get incredibly personally insulting.

What seems to have inspired John Best to write these articles, is Kev’s and others, quoting the most outrageous, ridiculous, or horrific statement from certain pro-quackery groups. Quoting these folks is direct proof for what many of us have suggested, that certain treatments are stupid and dangerous. Further, many of the most “outstanding” quotes show that instead of biomed becoming more popular with the masses, it ahs instead become more popular with folks much deeper into other forms of quackery.

John Best seems to argue that because Kev and others do this, sometimes even naming names of the kids exposed to such, we are mocking the children. Well no….. Saying that a treatment given to a child is dangerous or unscientific is not equivalent to mocking the child. Notice how these involve different matters.

Kev, I am sorry you have left us. However, you are doing this to protect your daughter and not only is that a good reason, it is the very best reason. I am proud to have been associated with you.


Blogger Suzanne said...

sonofabitch. I don't swear often, but if anyone could drive me to it, it's johnB

9:47 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I don't know how many places I am going to have to post to get the thought through.

Don't cave in to the whims of an imbecile that hides behind various pseudonyms to post his venomous rants. That hiding game is the sign of a true coward. The giving up is what s/he wants. To declare 'victory'. And s/he can't be let to have his way.

Just because s/he wants to have it his way doesn't mean that he should be given the chance.

In some places we put the Trolls on Ignore, because they aren't worth listening to.

In other places the Trolls are met with Righteous Indignation (if not respectful insolence.)

I am not saying to do anything in kind in return, as I (and many other I would presume) detest personal attacks, and also fallacious methods of treatment which the providers need to properly document without protesting the time or expense of doing so (though we know most of them are about the money and convenience and not the patient outcome anyway, this is why they don't invest in scientific proof of their methods.)

Never give up, Never surrender. (Until a scientifically proven Fact makes you view things in a different light.)

12:57 PM  
Blogger TeresaJKP said...

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12:39 PM  
Blogger Interverbal said...

No advertisement for books please.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Schwartz said...


I agree. It is unfortunate, that Kevin's blog also contained many a personal attack.

The whole thing is very sad. There are now claims by JohnB of of stalking against himself. Since I can't validate either his or Kevin's claim, it's very difficult to determine the truth.

What is clear, is that both of these people have engaged in personal attacks in the past, which I find childish, uncivilized, and generally unproductive.

11:07 PM  

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